OESC young artists

OESC aims at:

  • Improving communication skills, to build a respectful and lasting ensemble
  • Freedom in performance, an introduction to EFT to reduce nervousness and stage fright, and to build trust in one’s organism
  • Developing a personal interpretation, not based upon imitation
  • Awareness of the influence of posture and seating on sound production (projection, range of overtones), with the help of audio and visual techniques
  • Awareness of the necessity to take care of muscles and body, by using different stretching and breathing techniques.

OESC Young artists:

  • participate in a daily master class of 75 minutes
  • participate in at least one workshop of 75 minutes per day
  • perform at a minimum of 4 concerts, including some radio-broadcasts.
  • will have their own ensemble room, with piano if applicable
  • will have access to individual practice rooms.

OESC Young artists

OESC lessons and masterclasses include:

  • Reading the score
  • Form analysis and harmonic analysis
  • (Critical) reading of Urtext editions
  • Choice of tempo, use of metronome
  • Efficient rehearsal techniques
  • Tuning, types of intonation
  • Listening while playing
  • Analysis of different levels of importance
  • Finding a satisfactory balance
  • Cueing, leading, and avoiding cueing and leading
  • Articulation, phrasing, different types of rubato
  • Tone production, projection, dealing with acoustics
  • Use of vibrato, exploring methods
  • Unity in style, uniformity versus individuality
  • How to voice criticism without harming your companions
  • Seating
  • Stage presence

OESC workshops focus on

  • Communication within the ensemble
  • Voice development and inner hearing (finding your voice)
  • Posture, kinesiology, in connection to tone production
  • Dealing with stage fright and limiting believes.

OESC offers daily Qi Gong classes.

OESC is convinced that these workshops with their introductions and special topics will lead to a fuller profile of the young musicians.

The focus on this broad choice of education topics is unique in Europe. It does not exist in such a degree at any of the European conservatories, certainly not during one semester, in one location and in such effective connection.

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